Matthew Madigan: Shared Memories

Renee Kubitski

for starters, i can’t express enough how much of a great person matt was. the ems community and I will forever grieve his absence.

for those of who knew or worked with matt, you know he was interesting person. we would always talk of our travels. matt lived in australia for 6 years, and worked ems in new hampshire, before coming home to take care of his mother who he loved so dearly. He also was an avid solo traveler and had visited multiple parts of the world & had a million stories he could share. If you we’re able to listen to one of his stories count yourself lucky, he had seen some amazing things.

Matt was patient, he was kind, he was a hard worker. i learned a lot from matt. he was an amazing person, and would tell you his life story. He had a very hard life but made the best of it & turned out to be such a important person to me.

Matt had these orange glasses he would always wear, they were so goofy but he was always wearing them. Big ol thick orange glasses.

Another for those who worked with him frequently, a quirk of matt’s was that he would write his narratives exactly how it happened. “myself and my partner…” he would speak it into the ipad. at 3am it’s the last thing you wanted to hear him do. he would often say “renee i need a minute.” silence would follow for 10 minutes & just when i’d be on the verge of sleeping, he would start his speak text narrative.

Lastly, he always stopped. I worked with matt on and off for the past year. He would always stop when he saw a car accident, a vehicle pulled over, someone who needed help. on multiple occasions matt pulled over our truck & offered our assistance. he said he needed a piece of mind that they’d be ok. ultimately his kind heart & his need to help would be the last thing he’d do.

Rest in piece Matt

Amber Shiel


He was such an incredible human being! He always had a smile on his face every time I ran into him! He brought joy and a little sunshine with every moment, no matter what day it was… he will be greatly missed. The world is a little colder without his love and positivity.

Casey Johnson

Best friend/partner

Matt and I got partnered together one random day…I wasn’t too excited about it because he seemed so quiet at the station. I thought for sure he was gonna be rude.
As soon as Madi and I got In the rig, we started talking and we found out we had so much in common. We built an amazing friendship from that day forward. Matt and I were “kindred spirits” as he put it. We were meant to meet. I knew that no matter what was going on in my life, good or bad…I could come to work and talk to him about anything; and he knew he could do the same with me. Matt was a guy who genuinely cared for people. He treated all of our patients with the utmost respect and treated everyone the same no matter what. Madi loved his job and wanted to always be the best, and he made sure to help me along the way since I’m new. I miss my best friend…I know he’s happy where he’s at. I miss you, Madi!

Andy Savage


Our prayers are with Matts Family As well as his Superior Family.

Cory Chisolm


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