EMTrack Training Module

EMTrack is Michigan’s electronic patient tracking system and has been used by hospitals during exercises for almost ten years.  As discussed for the past several months, Region 2 South is implementing field use of EMTrack among pre-hospital providers.  The scope of use for EMTrack in Region 2 South currently is for MCI or other significant events.

To assist in implementation, Region 2 South has developed a short training module for both field users and hospitals to train new users on the system and to also provide refresher information for existing users.  This Powerpoint presentation is attached.  Please share with your providers and encourage their review of the information. 

Contact information for obtaining user account information is included in the attachment.


For questions contact:

Amy Shehu

Regional Healthcare Coalition Coordinator

Region 2 South Healthcare Coalition

Office:  734-728-7674

Fax:  734-902-6000

24/7 Emergency MCC Phone:  734-727-7289