Medical Director: * Robert Dunne, MD, FACEP

Deputy Medical Director: * Marc Rosenthal, PhD, DO, FACEP

Beaumont Grosse Pointe 


* Doug MacAskill, MD 313-473-6940
* Douglas Gruenwald EMS/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 313-473-6929
* Glen Clark, MD, Medical Director, Emergency Center

Beaumont Hospital Farmington Hills

* Sandy Vieder, DO, Chief Emergency Medicine​
* Keith Ciaramitaro

Children's Hospital of Michigan
* Srinivasan Suresh, MD, MBA, Medical Director, Emergency 313-745-5260
* Heather Schaewe, RN, MSN 313-745-5580

DEMCA Advisory Council
* Andrew Brown, General Manager of Superior Ambulance 313-596-5180
* Scott Rohr, D/Lt., Grosse Pointe Shores Police 313-259-5215

Detroit Receiving Hospital
* Padraic Sweeny, MD, Chief, Emergency Department 313-745-3330
* Binesh Patel, MD, Vice President Medical Affairs 313-745-4478

Harper/Hutzel Hospital
* Crystal Arthur, MD, Chief, Emergency Medicine 313-745-1475
* Selina Dallas, RN, MSN Clinical Manager 313-745-8886

Henry Ford Cottage
* Gus Bills, DO, Medical Director 313-640-2300
* Ruth Queenan, RN, BSN, CEN, Nurse Manager 313-640-2300

Henry Ford Hospital
* Howard Klausner, MD,  Emergency Medicine 313-916-1558
* Joyce Farrer, RN, ED Administrator 313-916-2250
 (Joe) Pat Patton, MD, Trauma and Critical Care Surgery 313-916-3052
  John Snider, RN, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 313-916-9373

Beaumont Hospital
* John Bauer 313-593-7454
* Scott Stockinger, RN 313-982-5811

Providence Hospital
* Steven McGraw, DO, ED Medical Director 313-930-5481
* Rosemary Lowry, ED Manager 248-849-3490

Sinai Grace Hospital
* Dan Taylor, MD, Chief, Emergency Medicine 313-966-1785
* Diane Wenninger,RN, Administrative Director, Patient Services 313-966-3633
 * Marc Rosenthal, PhD, DO EMS Coordinator

St. John Hospital
* Jeffrey Nigl, MD 313-343-7398
* Evan Pile EMT-P, EMS Coordinator 313-343-8726
 *Joseph Buck, MD, FACS, Director, Trauma & Surgical Critical Care 313-343-7542
VA Hospital
* Bobbie Brooks, MD 313-576-4410
* Rocky DeBose Adm Officer, Integrated Clin Svcs 313-576-3371
  Tammy Carter, CNM, VN, Clinical Nurse Manager, ED 313-576-4738
  Renee Peterson, ACNS, RN, Nursing Service 313-576-4131  
  Michael Wesner, CNP, Urgent Care

Committee Chairs:

Operations Committee:
Andy Brown, Chair
* Scott Rohr, Vice-Chair

PSRO Committee:
* Stefanie Wise, MD, Chair

Trauma Committee:
* Joseph Buck, MD, Chair


* Designates Board Member